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Reed Chiropractic is Expanding it hours and adding a new Chiropractor

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Whether your goals are preventative wellness care, have arm or leg pain, neck pain, headaches, or just a stubborn lower back issue, we are here to help.

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Reed Chiropractic Mobile APP

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We have a health app at Reed Chiropractic in Tempe AZ.

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How to treat IT Band Syndrome

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When people have pain on the side of their leg, most people mistakenly either work out that muscle or stretch it; however, both ideas are wrong.  Since the IT band is not a muscle, it cannot be stretched or strengthened like a muscle; however, the muscles around the IT band can be stretched and strengthened.  A common condition involving the IT band is “Iliotibial band syndrome.”  This condition is caused when the IT band has repeatedly rubbed on either the bony point of your hip or knee.  This inflames the fascia around it and causes pain. 

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Is your back pain “All in your Head”? Research says this may actually be true!

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Most people do not want to hear that the pain is all “in their head;” however, some recent research may support this claim. Dr. John Sarno, a famous back pain doctor, used a technique similar to Emotional Freedom Techniques. Sarno says that one can unconsciously cause pain due to emotional responses such as anger, fear, frustration and rage. He explains it as your brain suppressing these emotions and your body directing the emotions elsewhere eg: neck, back, shoulders. Sarno states that pain is actually a distraction from what is truly bothering us and that the pain is what keeps us from an emotional explosion. Sarno believed that people can overcome their pain by confronting their conflicting emotions. Sarno’s work lived on after he died and is present in many research studies. Recent studies show that pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia had significant results using emotion awareness and expression therapy in reducing pain.

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Get Moving and Decrease Your Pain

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Katy Bowman, author of “Move your DNA: Restore your health through natural movement” has the same type of principle as Coore.  In her book she says she didn’t have time for traditional gym workouts due to having a full time job and being a full time parent.  While in a traditional workout she had an epiphany, she was paying money for a class where she was sitting on the floor.  Then she realized the real problem was—drum roll—her couch.  She got rid of her couch and started on a journey of movement.

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