Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

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Anti-Aging Secret: Intermittent Fasting

Starting in your mid-thirties you may have noticed that you may not be as agile, physically fit or even as strong as you were in your twenties. It’s almost as if each decade you live gives you the gift of yet another ailment or ache and pain. This is even common in those of you who eat well and exercise on a regular basis. This is because although you are making good choices (and we are in no way telling you that exercise and eating right is bad for you because that would just be silly) but, have you ever thought about the fact that your muscles have grown as old as you not only chronologically, but physically as well.

There are many reasons for this; dietary abuse, nutritional deficiencies, chemical toxicity and the main one we would like to discuss: chronic oxidative stress


  • What is Chronic oxidative stress?


Well, oxidation happens when our bodies metabolize or process the oxygen that we breathe and our cells produce energy from that. this process also produces molecules that interact with other molecules within our cells resulting in damage (or stress) to nearby cells, mitochondria and DNA.


  • Why is that bad?


Mitochondrial loss or damage can result in insulin resistance, excessive weight gain, low motivation, impaired ability to use carbohydrates and fat for energy and the big one: accelerated aging.


  • What do I do about this?


Well, our bodies were actually designed to thrive under oxidative stress (biology is full of contradictions, so this is a little confusing) however, there is one option that is becoming more and more talked about.and that is intermittent fasting

  • Intermittent fasting options:


Fasting: you can choose to fast and consume a healthy vegetable juice diet while still maintaining a healthy workout schedule and continue to have a recovery meal right after working out.

Undereating: you may choose to under eat rather than fast, under eating is minimizing your food intake during the day to small servings of light low glycemic or raw foods like vegetables, whey protein, poached eggs every 4-6 hours. Do your workout while fasting (so, about 30 minutes after your last meal.) have a main meal at night; this is the most effective way to go for rejuvenating muscular health and brain function.

Pulse feeding: this involves frequent small protein meals with no sugar added every 3-5 hours throughout your day. Workout while fasting followed by a recovery meal and a main meal at night. Pulse feeding is best for athletes




The system, if done properly, will hand you dramatic results. When you introduce intermittent fasting to your daily routine your body’s catabolic state is awoken and your body quite literally begins to eat up and demolish damaged brain and muscle cells. The process is accelerated once you add exercise while in this state. If not done properly, you can and most likely will hurt yourself in the process.


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