Anxiety And Depression: America’s New Epidemic

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, as many as 18 percent of Americans, over the age of 18, suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder. That is about 40 million people in the U.S. alone.  Fortunately, these disorders are being recognized and so safe, inexpensive treatments that don’t involve drugs have been developed.

Do any of the following things sound like you?

  • Looks calm on the surface but thoughts are constantly racing
  • Persistent negative thoughts
  • Restlessness
  • Physical symptoms such as muscle tension & headaches

If any of these things pertain to you,  you may be a sufferer of low to high functioning anxiety.  Chances are, you may have already been aware of this but identifying the cause or causes can be the first step in finding the correct treatment.


  • Microwaves- No, no the appliance you cook with. Microwaves or EMF (electromagnetic field) is from exposure to cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, smart meters, and cell phone towers.
  • Microflora imbalance in the gut
  • Lack of magnesium. Vitamin D and/or animal based Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Using artificial sweeteners
  • Over consumption of sugar and junk food
  • Exposure to Toxic Mold
  • Improper breathing


  • Limit your exposure of items with an EMF. Store your cell phone away from your person, try placing it in a bag or on your desk but try to keep from placing phones in your pockets.
  • Try taking a probiotic to balance your gut micorflora. Also increasing your consumption of yogurt and fermented foods such as kombucha tea, can help keep your gut in good health.
  • Try adding more magnesium, vitamin D  and Omega-3 rich foods to your diet. Foods high in magnesium; spinach, almonds, avocados, bananas, and black beans. Foods high in Vitamin D; Egg yolks, cheese, dairy fortified with vitamin D and fatty fish. Foods high in Omega-3; salmon, flax seed, spinach, walnuts
  • Limit your use of artificial sweeteners
  • Try choosing a healthy alternative to sugar and junk food.
  • Assess your toxic exposures. Do you feel better or worse at home or the office? Do your symptoms improve outdoors and is there a pattern of symptoms?
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Regular movement and try to exercise each day
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy either in person or an online resource
  • Spend more time in natural environments and outdoors
  • Try breathing exercises. One method to try is the Buteyko Method.  It can help minimize anxiety and help your body accumulate CO2.


Take a small breath into your nose, a small breath out; hold your nose for five seconds in order to hold your breath, and then release to resume breathing.

Breathe normally for 10 seconds.

Repeat the sequence several more times: small breath in through your nose, small breath out; hold your breath for five seconds, then let go and breath normally for 10 seconds.


For more information on these topics and how Chiropractic Care can help with anxiety and depression call Reed Chiropractic for a free consultation.  We have two convenient east valley locations:


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Enhance your health with Cold and Breathing exercise

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I just got done reading the book “What doesn’t Kill Us” by Scott Carney and I have started to see changes in my health in just a few weeks.  The book is written about how Scott Carney went to study and see if Wim Hoff, the man they call “The Ice Man” is for real. Wim Hof has been a legend in Poland for years, he has the ability to resit the cold and hold his breath for up to 6 minutes. In recent years he has made the claims that he can control his immune system consciously.   So this investigative reporter Scott Carney went to Poland to debunk this mans claims, but to his surprise he started to do some of the simple techniques that Wim Hof has been using and he too started to see changes in his own health and ability to resit the cold, increase his VO2 max, and even stop stress ulcers in his mouth.  When I first started to read the book I was more entertained at the stories and the like that this Wim Hof leads.  But then I started to see that a lot of what Mr. Hof is teaching and practicing makes a lot of sense.  It is very similar to our chiropractic philosophy.  In a nut shell he states that we need to stress our bodies in everyday like so that they have to adapt to things like the cold, changing of the seasons, altitudes and different climates.  In the absence of these types of stresses that the human species that had to deal with for all of civilization up until the last century, the body is bored and starts to attack itself to create stress.  In the modern day we live in climate controlled capsules that neither stress our nervous systems nor allow our bodies to utilize our mind body connection for our benefit.  We go from our 75 deg house to our temperature controlled car, to our temperature controlled office and then back home again.  In the winter we use heat and in the summer we use A/C.  If you think about this, we are the only species on earth that lives like this.  All others live out in the elements and just adapt for survival,  I he nor I think it is a coincidence that we are the only species that has chronic diseases and chronic degenerative conditions.   Now he nor I are saying that living in the elements is the only cause of this human phenomenon.   Ignoring our food, work lifestyles, over medication society, and sedentary lifestyles would be silly.  However, if we look at the concept of living our lives closer to nature has major impacts in our health.

So back to my journey in this book.  After reading the book and after all the stories and interviews of other people who has experimented with the techniques of Wim Hof, I too was inspired to try and see what it was all about.   I started 2 weeks ago with the breathing techniques and cold showers.  The breathing techniques consist of taking 30 deep quick breaths in and letting them out naturally.  On the last breath I let it out all the way and then hold my breath.  I hold my breath for as long as I can before I can’t take it any more have to breathe.  Wim Hof calls this the “wedge”.  This is where you begin to learn how to control your own autonomic nervous system.  I do this cycle 3 times, and with each cycle you can hold for longer. The fist few times I did this I could only get a 1 1/2 minutes or so, but with each day I could do more.  Within a week I was up to close to 2 1/2 minutes.   And now I routinely hold my breath for over 3 minutes.  This sounds crazy I know but it works, you super saturate your blood with oxygen and get rid of the carbon Dioxide and you just stop breathing.  It is really crazy how you don’t feel the need to breathe for a long time.  Then I finish the morning routine out with a cold shower (well somewhat of a cold shower the water in not that cold her in AZ when it is 110 out side).  That’s it, and then I start my day.  What I have noticed in the last two weeks is how alive I feel after the shower,  I feel refreshed and ready to go for the day.  I have noticed better focus and clarity, I have had less joint pains, and I too used to get stress mouth ulcers and bouts of anxiety.  Since I started the routine I have not had any mouth ulcers and my anxious feels from stress are all but gone.  Now I just need to step it up a bit,  I am going to start with some full body cryotherapy sessions to really give my body a shock.

I will let you know in a few weeks my progress…

Do I need MedPay on my auto insurance?

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As a chiropractor in Arizona I get asked the question  “do I really need to pay for medpay on my auto insurance policy”? Any the answer is always yes!  It is the single least expensive coverage you can buy with the biggest benefit you can elect for in term of your health and value when you need to use it.  It has no negative effects on you policy rates and is always a win win when exercised.  I have written about this topic in detail in past blogs so you can refer to those if you still do not understand what medpay is and isn’t.   The purpose of this blog is to give you a story of a patient and show you another “why” reason that you need this coverage.  This patient was driving her car in a No-Fault state in this case was Michigan.  The other no fault states are Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.  She was rear end by a car whose insurance coverage was in the state of the accident in this case Michigan.  No fault insurance means that it does not matter who is at fault it is up to each drivers insurance carrier to pain for auto repairs and any medical bills sustained from injuries.  In these states all drivers are required to have essentially medpay coverage on their policies to cover these expenses.  In theses states this coverage is called PIP or personal injury protection. This is all good it the two parties that are involved both have this coverage.  However in the case of my patient she does not have PIP or Medpay on her policy.  So she is left with essentially no coverage for her mounting medical bills that were a direct result of the auto accident cause by the other party.  She suffered a severe case of Whiplash, and sprained neck and now has thousands of dollars in medical bills to pay on her own.  If she would have opted for just a minimum medpay policy of $5, 000.00 which would have costed her less than $80 per YEAR, she would have these medical bills paid in full.  So once again this is an example that for less than $100 you can save yourself thousands in unexpected medical bills as a result of an accident that you had no responsibility in causing.   In fact these bills would also be pain even if the accident was your fault.  That is the beauty and benefit of a medpay policy.  It works no mater what the circumstances.  I am not an insurance specialist so for exact details of your coverage questions it is worth a call to your agent and discuss what coverage you currently have and if it does not include Medpay my advise would be to how much and decide if it is right for you.

Dr. Axe Bone Broth Now Available at Reed Chiropractic Tempe

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Bone broth has become one of the hottest new nutritional substances that has been found to boost your health and immunity.  Bone broth is a beneficial elixir made from simmered animal bones.  Bone is loaded with amino acids, collagen, gelatin, and many trace minerals.  For centuries people have been drinking bone broth type foods like chicken noodle soup when they are sick and not feeling well.  Dr. Axe’s new product makes it easy for you to take everyday helping you NOT get sick and ill in the first place.

Key Nutritional Compound Found In Bone Broth

  • Protein supplies the body with the structural ingredients that helps for growth. Helps with building muscles, cells and tissues.
  • Gylcine is required for the building of healthy DNA & RNA for genetic building blocks. Great for your metabolism and helps with keeping a healthy energy level.
  • Chondroitin Sulfate supports cardiovascular health, skin health, bone health and your cholesterol levels.
  • Collagen is the glue that helps us keep everything together in your joints, bones, ligaments and tendons. It’s important to maintain healthy levels of collagen being it diminishes in the body as early as age 20 years.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is found in the synovial fluid in our joints. Hyaluronic acid has the restorative abilities and can boost the skin’s moisture content. It serves to lubricate and cushion in our joints.
  • Glucosamine is a naturally occurring chemical found in the human body. It is the fluid that surrounds the joints. It helps to make for powerful interaction structure and function of healthy connective tissues.

Six Major Benefits of Bone Broth

  • Protects your Joints – Bone broth is one of the best sources of natural collagen. It is found in animal bones, skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bone marrow. Bone broth provides gelatin, which is a soft cushion between our bones.
  • Good For the Gut – It helps seal up holes in intestines which can also prevent chronic diarrhea, constipation and even some food intolerances.
  • Look Younger – Bone Broth is a rich source of collagen. It will help make your skin, hair and nails look and feel better. Taking bone broth will maintain skin’s youthful tone, texture and appearance.
  • Supports Immune System – Bone Broth will help strengthen your immune system. Collagen and the amino acids proline, glutamine and arginine will help support a healthy gut.
  • Boost Detoxification – Bone Broth has potassium and glycine in it which support both cellular and normal liver detoxification.
  • Aids the Metabolism & Promotes Anabolism – The amino acids found in bone broth have many roles some include, building and repairing muscle tissue, supporting bone mineral density, boosting nutrient absorption, and maintaining healthy elimination.


As an introductory office here at Reed Chiropractic we are offering a 30% discount off of retail pricing to show you how good it takes and you feel after using the products. If you have any specific pricing questions please call our office and we would be happy to help.


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Foods to avoid to reduce Chronic Pain

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Foods to avoid if you are a chronic pain sufferer   by: Eden Ball

If you suffer from the nagging and unrelenting aches and pains of chronic pain then you know that normal everyday tasks may seem daunting and frustrating, you are not alone. An American study done in 2012 by the National Health Interview Survey, or NHIS, found that about 11.2 percent of American Adults (that’s 25.3 million people) also suffer from chronic pain. Of those 25.3 million, over 5 million Americans are diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that often leaves people with symptoms such as sleep disturbances, muscle or tissue pain, depression and fatigue.

Recent data suggests certain chemicals in the foods you eat may heighten the release of neurotransmitters that trigger the way fibromyalgia sufferers’ process pain.

  • Limit the amount of sugar in your diet

Increased levels of insulin can potentially cause any chronic pain to worsen dramatically. This includes any fresh fruit juices. Whole fresh fruit is the best way to consume your fruit when you suffer from fibromyalgia.

  • Limit Grains

Grains are metabolized very similarly to sugar. This includes any organic unprocessed grains. Wheat and gluten grains are the main ones to avoid, especially if you have high blood pressure, are overweight or have high cholesterol.

  • Avoid Caffeine

It is believed that fibromyalgia is linked to a chemical imbalance that affects mood control, inadequate sleep and fatigue. Though caffeine may give you that short lived boost of energy in the long run you will just be left with less sleep than before.

  • Avoid Pasteurized Dairy

  Many fibromyalgia sufferers find dairy difficult to digest milk and other dairy products. However, grass-fed, organic milk and dairy products are a lot easier in digestion.


  • Avoid Aspartame

Many artificial sweeteners found in diet sodas are part of a chemical group called excitotoxins that activate neurons that increase pain sensitivity.


  • Stay Away From Junk Food

Limit or eliminate fast food, candy and vending machines, in addition to contributing to weight gain, and the development of unhealthy eating habits these “junk” foods (and there is a reson we call them junk food.) may irritate your muscles, disturb your sleep habits and compromise your immune system.

Now I am sure you have read many other articles on fibromyalgia if you suffer from it or if you know someone who suffers from it.  Some articles may say eat more grains and we just told you to eat less grains and some articles might tell you eat more fruit and we just told you to eat less. The thing is: fibromyalgia requires an approach as diverse as the disease.  Feel free to experiment and work with what your body needs.

Other fibromyalgia tips:

  • Try diet typing– nutritional typing is not a “diet” it is determining which nutritional type you are: protein type, carb type, or mixed type.
  • Exercise– in one study conducted by Harvard researchers, after exercising for 20 weeks, women with fibromyalgia reported improved muscle strength and endurance, and lessening of their symptoms including pain, stiffness, fatigue and depression.
  • Check your vitamin D levels– a little more sunlight and maybe a glass of unpasteurized milk could help with your pain and maybe just make you feel a little bit happier!


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