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Understanding Herniated Discs and MRI reports “In plain English”

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Many people worry and are afraid of immediate surgery.  While surgery may  help a herniated disc( at least in the short term), not all herniated discs are immediate surgical candidates; furthermore, there are other options for treatment of an acute herniated disc, including: decompression, traction, chiropractic adjustments, steroid injections, and nerve blocks.

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The Effects of Sleep deprivation on your Health

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Your memory is affected by how much sleep you get! Lack of sleep has been linked to lower academic performance and memory recall. Sleep deprivation increases your risk of obesity, stomach ulcers, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and cancer!

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Eclipse your pain with Chiropractic Care

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Here at Reed Chiropractic we has been serving patients in pain for over 18 years. If you would like to find out how to get stated on a individualized chiropractic care program we are here to help. Our Tempe office is located just south of the US 60 and close to ASU. Our Mesa office is located near Alta Mesa Country Club in NE Mesa. Please call us at 480-785-1355 to set up your Free no obligation initial consultation and evaluation using the state of art Insight Subluxation station.

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Anxiety And Depression: America’s New Epidemic

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, as many as 18 percent of Americans, over the age of 18, suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder.

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Enhance your health with Cold and Breathing exercise

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This is my account of how reading the book “What doesn’t kill us” has enhanced my health and well being. I have seen decreases in anxiety and mouth stress ulcers to name a few.

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Do I need MedPay on my auto insurance?

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As a chiropractor in Arizona I get asked the question “do I really need to pay for medpay on my auto insurance policy”? Any the answer is always yes! It is the single least expensive coverage you can buy with the biggest benefit you can elect for in term of your health and value when you need to use it.

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