Get Moving and Decrease Your Pain

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Katy Bowman, author of “Move your DNA: Restore your health through natural movement” has the same type of principle as Coore.  In her book she says she didn’t have time for traditional gym workouts due to having a full time job and being a full time parent.  While in a traditional workout she had an epiphany, she was paying money for a class where she was sitting on the floor.  Then she realized the real problem was—drum roll—her couch.  She got rid of her couch and started on a journey of movement.

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Why Attorneys Refer Clients to Chiropractic Professionals

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Experienced chiropractors that specialize in car accident injuries have extensive experience treating a wide variety of car accident cases and therefore have thorough and detailed knowledge about the injuries. As a result, the car accident victim has a better chance of getting their injuries documented accurately and properly. This maximizes the car accident victims’ chances of getting a favorable settlement or adequate compensation.

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How to treat back pain without using medications

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Chiropractic care corrects the immediate problem with an adjustment of the skeletal misalignment but also can has the ability to prevent deeper dysfunctions in your body.

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Intermittent Fasting

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I have seen amazing results in my practice as a result of people doing intermittent fasting. A lot of the time I find that patients are eating the right foods, eating in moderation and still not losing weight or even worse gaining weight. When start using an intermittent fasting schedule with out changing anything else they finally get results. When their body starts to use fat for energy they report increased energy, focus, better sleep and often times less pain.

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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

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As a added benefit of this besides weight loss is that fat is a much better energy source and it will eliminate any insulin resistance and blood sugar disorders like Type 2 Diabetes.

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Common Exercises Known to Result in Injury

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List of exercises that were discovered to have a chance of injury when done incorrectly or when perform without being supervised by a trained professional.

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