Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care in TempeThe chiropractic profession was discovered in September 18, 1895 by Dr. Daniel Palmer in Davenport, Iowa. On that day, Dr. Palmer was having a conversation with a deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard. Mr. Lillard described that one day, 17 years prior, he was walking and felt a pop in his back. Since that time, his hearing had progressively declined. Dr. Palmer, a curious and intelligent man, thought that there must be a connection between the spine popping and the decline of Mr. Lillard’s hearing. He felt Mr. Lillard’s spine and felt a misaligned vertebra. His back was painful in the same spot that he heard the “pop” 17 years earlier.

It was then when Dr. Palmer had the idea of chiropractic care. He reasoned that if something had gone wrong in Mr. Lillard’s spine that caused the deafness, then a connection to the misaligned vertebra should restore his hearing. Using his hands, Dr. Palmer repositioned the vertebra with a gentle thrust (later he coined this action as an adjustment). With that first patient, Dr. Palmer had discovered that subluxation is the cause of nearly all human dis-ease. Over the next few days, Dr. Palmer continued to adjust Mr. Lillard’s spine and within a week, he was able to hear normally for the first time in 17 years. After this discovery, Dr. Palmer dedicated the rest of his life to researching how the misalignment of the spinal column interferes with normal nerve function, causing dis-ease within the body.

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