Do I need MedPay on my auto insurance?

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As a chiropractor in Arizona I get asked the question  “do I really need to pay for medpay on my auto insurance policy”? Any the answer is always yes!  It is the single least expensive coverage you can buy with the biggest benefit you can elect for in term of your health and value when you need to use it.  It has no negative effects on you policy rates and is always a win win when exercised.  I have written about this topic in detail in past blogs so you can refer to those if you still do not understand what medpay is and isn’t.   The purpose of this blog is to give you a story of a patient and show you another “why” reason that you need this coverage.  This patient was driving her car in a No-Fault state in this case was Michigan.  The other no fault states are Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.  She was rear end by a car whose insurance coverage was in the state of the accident in this case Michigan.  No fault insurance means that it does not matter who is at fault it is up to each drivers insurance carrier to pain for auto repairs and any medical bills sustained from injuries.  In these states all drivers are required to have essentially medpay coverage on their policies to cover these expenses.  In theses states this coverage is called PIP or personal injury protection. This is all good it the two parties that are involved both have this coverage.  However in the case of my patient she does not have PIP or Medpay on her policy.  So she is left with essentially no coverage for her mounting medical bills that were a direct result of the auto accident cause by the other party.  She suffered a severe case of Whiplash, and sprained neck and now has thousands of dollars in medical bills to pay on her own.  If she would have opted for just a minimum medpay policy of $5, 000.00 which would have costed her less than $80 per YEAR, she would have these medical bills paid in full.  So once again this is an example that for less than $100 you can save yourself thousands in unexpected medical bills as a result of an accident that you had no responsibility in causing.   In fact these bills would also be pain even if the accident was your fault.  That is the beauty and benefit of a medpay policy.  It works no mater what the circumstances.  I am not an insurance specialist so for exact details of your coverage questions it is worth a call to your agent and discuss what coverage you currently have and if it does not include Medpay my advise would be to how much and decide if it is right for you.

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