Foods to avoid to reduce Chronic Pain

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Foods to avoid if you are a chronic pain sufferer   by: Eden Ball

If you suffer from the nagging and unrelenting aches and pains of chronic pain then you know that normal everyday tasks may seem daunting and frustrating, you are not alone. An American study done in 2012 by the National Health Interview Survey, or NHIS, found that about 11.2 percent of American Adults (that’s 25.3 million people) also suffer from chronic pain. Of those 25.3 million, over 5 million Americans are diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that often leaves people with symptoms such as sleep disturbances, muscle or tissue pain, depression and fatigue.

Recent data suggests certain chemicals in the foods you eat may heighten the release of neurotransmitters that trigger the way fibromyalgia sufferers’ process pain.

  • Limit the amount of sugar in your diet

Increased levels of insulin can potentially cause any chronic pain to worsen dramatically. This includes any fresh fruit juices. Whole fresh fruit is the best way to consume your fruit when you suffer from fibromyalgia.

  • Limit Grains

Grains are metabolized very similarly to sugar. This includes any organic unprocessed grains. Wheat and gluten grains are the main ones to avoid, especially if you have high blood pressure, are overweight or have high cholesterol.

  • Avoid Caffeine

It is believed that fibromyalgia is linked to a chemical imbalance that affects mood control, inadequate sleep and fatigue. Though caffeine may give you that short lived boost of energy in the long run you will just be left with less sleep than before.

  • Avoid Pasteurized Dairy

  Many fibromyalgia sufferers find dairy difficult to digest milk and other dairy products. However, grass-fed, organic milk and dairy products are a lot easier in digestion.


  • Avoid Aspartame

Many artificial sweeteners found in diet sodas are part of a chemical group called excitotoxins that activate neurons that increase pain sensitivity.


  • Stay Away From Junk Food

Limit or eliminate fast food, candy and vending machines, in addition to contributing to weight gain, and the development of unhealthy eating habits these “junk” foods (and there is a reson we call them junk food.) may irritate your muscles, disturb your sleep habits and compromise your immune system.

Now I am sure you have read many other articles on fibromyalgia if you suffer from it or if you know someone who suffers from it.  Some articles may say eat more grains and we just told you to eat less grains and some articles might tell you eat more fruit and we just told you to eat less. The thing is: fibromyalgia requires an approach as diverse as the disease.  Feel free to experiment and work with what your body needs.

Other fibromyalgia tips:

  • Try diet typing– nutritional typing is not a “diet” it is determining which nutritional type you are: protein type, carb type, or mixed type.
  • Exercise– in one study conducted by Harvard researchers, after exercising for 20 weeks, women with fibromyalgia reported improved muscle strength and endurance, and lessening of their symptoms including pain, stiffness, fatigue and depression.
  • Check your vitamin D levels– a little more sunlight and maybe a glass of unpasteurized milk could help with your pain and maybe just make you feel a little bit happier!


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