Foundation Training Book Review

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core and posture training exercises bookOver the last  two months I have read and shared the information I have learned from the book “Foundation Training”  by Dr. Eric Goodman.  Many of my patients have started or incorporated these basic exercises into their lives, they all  incorporate a combination of stretching and strength movements.  These easy to learn exercises use your own body weight and can be done in the comfort of your own home.  I have had people with chronic lower back pain and chronic neck pain see amazing results in less than two weeks.  The theory of these exercises are that we focus on the anterior (front) core far too much and ignore the posterior (back) core.  These exercises specifically target the posterior chain muscles that control posture and immediately start to improve posture and open up the shoulders and hips.  Have you ever watched a child bend over and squat while playing?  Compare that to a 30,40, 50 year old?  You will notice that as we age we start bending at our back instead of our hips.  If you can re-learn how to move like a child again it will change your life!  Check out these links to 3 of the basic Foundation exercises and start improving your posture and feeling better today.  And as always start out slow and if you need any guidance please feel free to stop by Reed Chiropractic or call me at 480-785-1355.

In health, Dr. David T. Reed

Foundation Training Background Video:

Foundation Training Basic exercises Link:

Foundation Training Back Extension Link:

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