Get Moving and Decrease Your Pain

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Too many times we are plagued by our environment.  What does our current environment look like? Go ahead, take a look around, what do you see?  You probably notice people yawning, eating, sitting in a cubicle or at a desk working, lying down, people sitting and waiting for something, people in a drive-thru ordering food, parents are sitting on a bench watching their kids play, and people in enormous amounts of pain are trying to find that specific posture that alleviates the pain.  All of these are linked to one specific thing– lack of movement.  Erwan Le Corre noticed this and made it his “calling” in life to fix it.  Coore is the founder of MovNat and he teaches people that our bodies are designed to MOVE! Not to sit on a couch, watch TV and eat potato chips.  Coore says that people have pain because they “forgot” how to move.  Relating this phenomenon to chiropractic, people come in with a wide variety of complaints such as: low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, you name it pain.  What we do is mechanically force the problem into it’s “true nature” as Coore would say.  We basically re-balance and re-train what was already there; so what Coore is doing is on a whole other level.  He reminds us of our inner child, creativity, and natural desire to go outside, to run, to jump, to spin, to live.  Unlike traditional gyms and programs, MovNat focuses on practical movement.  The goals of MovNat are also different.  It is not based on sets and reps or minutes.  All of the exercises are based on form and whether or not an exercise was “completed.”  The exercises range from easy to complex and can test your natural abilities.  Some of the exercises are as simple as vaulting over a small wall or carrying a bag.  Coore also includes grades which look at how the movement was accomplished by looking for common faults such as: Excessive spinal flexion/extension, improper grip selection, poor static or dynamic alignment, heavy footsteps, excessive tension in arms.  Doing this kind of workout makes it more engaging and more realistic.  Coore states that much of the human potential can be tested in the outdoors and in the wild in a variety of ways and with MovNat, it is accomplished.  An example would be if you had to move a tree branch in order to build a shelter; being able to do bicep curls will not be very advantageous in this scenario.  This type of motion improves locomotion which in turn can make your body move better which in turn helps get rid of simple aches and pains.  Katy Bowman, author of “Move your DNA: Restore your health through natural movement” has the same type of principle as Coore.  In her book she says she didn’t have time for traditional gym workouts due to having a full time job and being a full time parent.  While in a traditional workout she had an epiphany, she was paying money for a class where she was sitting on the floor.  Then she realized the real problem was—drum roll—her couch.  She got rid of her couch and started on a journey of movement.  Instead of pushing her kids in a stroller, she used functional motion, carrying her kids in her arms.  These simple shifts to movement have huge benefits as it creates an additional way to exercise and move our bodies as they were designed to do.  In turn, this can have dramatic effects on our lives and we can be healthier and have less pain.

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