How to Lose Weight & Improve Health by Chewing Your Food

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One small change any person can make to improve their waist line is to simply chew their food longer. There have been proven benefits of chewing your food at least 40 times before swallowing. One of the benefits is easier digestion of your food. Since chewing food slowly liquefies it, the longer you chew the food the less solid it will become. Digesting a liquid is easier than a solid.

On average people also feel they are fuller longer when they chew more. With the food being partially liquefied already the nutrients and minerals can be absorbed faster and the body can feel satisfied longer.

Another study shows the people who chewed their food more and ate slower actually consumed 88 calories less than the others who ate at a normal pace and chewed their food less. If you eat 3 square meals that could lead to a decrease of 264 kilo-calories a day! For most people who try to stick to a 2000 kcal diet, that is a 13% decrease in overall calorie consumption. Just imagine if that lead to weight loss and what that could do for your overall health.

You have nothing to lose and can gain greater health by simply listening to your mothers scolding to chew your food.

After all mother always knows best!

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  1. Very helpful article..By reading this blog now every body will chew their food 40 times minimum..As Houston chiropractor we help people to become pain free..

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