How to treat IT Band Syndrome

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The iliotibial band (IT band) is a fibrous band that runs from a point on the side of your hip to the outer part of your knee.  The IT band helps to control motion in the leg and actually stores energy.  When your leg is behind you, it holds tension which is used to propel you forward.  When people have pain on the side of their leg, most people mistakenly either work out that muscle or stretch it; however, both ideas are wrong.  Since the IT band is not a muscle, it cannot be stretched or strengthened like a muscle; however, the muscles around the IT band can be stretched and strengthened.  A common condition involving the IT band is “Iliotibial band syndrome.”  This condition is caused when the IT band has repeatedly rubbed on either the bony point of your hip or knee.  This inflames the fascia around it and causes pain.  IT band syndrome usually starts when trying to ramp up workout intensity very quickly (ex: you weekend warriors).  Prevention Magazine states, “If you ramp up your exercise routine too quickly—say, going from not running at all to logging 5+ miles a day or cramming all your exercise into the weekends—there’s a greater chance you’ll end up in pain.  It’s important to ease into your routine.”  Before you run off and self diagnose yourself with IT band syndrome, take some necessary steps to confirm your self diagnoses.  The main area for IT band syndrome will be in a specific pinpoint location on the side of the knee.  If pain is anywhere else on the leg or is not pinpoint, it is not IT band syndrome.  Other things that your pain could be are trigger points or muscle knots, patellofemoral pain syndrome, meniscus tears, etc.  If you think you may be suffering from IT band syndrome, the best thing to do is to back off any high impact exercise such as running or cycling, wait to see if the pain resides, then slowly get back into your workout routine.  The wrong thing to do is to completely ignore it.  Ignoring could lead to tears or make things worse.  Do yourself a favor, get it checked out and ask about treatment options.  Things to prevent IT band syndrome include proper footwear, replacing running shoes every 250 miles, avoiding to run on banked surfaces, minimize downhill running or switching directions on an indoor track each mile.  Chiropractors typically use like joint manipulations, therapeutic modalities, myofascial release and can teach therapeutic exercises to help.  You may view some exercises on our website portal.

Check out this video and watch how easy it is to do theses stretches.

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