Once you go to a Chiropractor you always have to go?

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Chiropractic Care in Tempe

As a chiropractor one of the most common statements I hear is “Once you go to a chiropractor, you always have to go.”  I am sure you have all heard someone say this: Once you go, they have you come back all the time and you have to go for life!  This statement is, quite honestly, FALSE.  With any form of health care, you have choices, you are the boss.  Remember you pay for our services so that makes you the boss!

Many times, when someone hears or knows another person that has received chiropractic care for years, they jump to these conclusions.  They think they must have to go, or that chiropractic care does not work.  Different people have different health goals, some people go just to get out of pain, and others want to achieve optimal health and wellness.  It is my job as a chiropractor to give people options and let them choose.  Many people will start chiropractic care to help with their headaches, neck pain, and back pain but they experience other quality of life improvements.  They may start to sleep better, have more energy, have less anxiety, and notice a stronger immune system.  It is then that they make the choice to continue chiropractic care for life, not because they have to, but because they understand the role of their nervous system and how important it is on their overall health and wellness.

It is similar to exercising.  You start exercising regularly and after three months you feel great!  You lose some weight, sleep better, you have more energy at the end of the day.  After that, you stop exercising.  Have you benefited from the exercise?  Of course you have!  Would you benefit more if you continued?  Of course you would!  Eating healthy is another example.  One healthy meal is good for you, eating healthy as a long term, lifestyle habit is obviously better.  People understand this with regard to the dental profession.  Everyone understands that they should brush their teeth everyday in order to prevent cavities.  This just makes sense; it is always easier and cheaper to stay well than to get well.  Just remember, you can always buy new teeth if you have enough money, but neglect your spine and your health will suffer.  No amount of money or medical procedures will reverse spinal decay.

So once you go to a chiropractor do you always have to go?  No!  Any number of adjustments will be beneficial to you, but a long-term, regular chiropractic care habit is obviously better.  Whether you start chiropractic care to get rid of pain (usually 6-8 visits) or maintain your spine through lifetime wellness care, at Reed Chiropractic we have a plan that’s right for you.

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