Postural Cueing vs Bracing

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IntelliSkin recommened by ChiropractorDuring my 13 years as a chiropractor, patients will often will ask me, “Do you have a brace that will help me sit up straight while I am at my desk, stand up straight when I exercise, or just relieve tension in my neck and shoulders????” My answer has always been a strong NO!  Bracing is not a good strategy for improving posture.  You see, when you brace or cast a part of your body, it turns off the muscles that you braced.  This leads to atrophy (muscle wasting) and results in even worse posture.

But in the last month I have been exposed and have been wearing a new product called Intelliskin, which is designed to help posture by muscle cueing.  This is a shirt or sports bra that cues your body to instantly tone and strengthen your underused posture muscles while simultaneously opening, relaxing, and lengthening your overused and tight muscles.  When we sit or stand all day, we slump forward and get constant contraction of our pecs and anterior shoulders, while at the same time stretching the rhomboid, traps, and posterior deltoid muscles.  These shirts cue the posterior (back) muscles to contract and then will result in a stretch of the anterior (front) muscles.  With the improved posture, the net effect will be less stress and tension in the neck and upper back.  Patients have experienced reduced fatigue, tension headaches, migraines, arm and shoulder pains, improve breathing, and general muscle tension.

As far as what the Intelliskin has done for me, it helps stabilize my left shoulder that I had surgery on nine months ago.  I wear the PostureCue V-Tee when I work all day adjusting patients, and when I play golf.  When I have the shirt on, my shoulder feels more stable and stronger.  At first I was skeptical that it was going to be like a brace but after a month of wearing it I can report with certainty that it cues and not braces.  When I wear the PostureCue V-Tee, all day my posterior postural muscles feel sore and fatigued.  This would not occur if it was a brace.

If you would like to try one on, we have most sizes in the office to fit you.  Please feel free to stop by or call the office with any questions.  Also, order online at and use PROCode 02360 for $5 off and free shipping. ~Dr. David Reed

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  1. Would like to try one of these for my daughter

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