Sit Your Way To Less Lower Back And Neck Pain

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eight-step-pain-bookLast month I reviewed the book “Foundation Training” by Dr. Eric Goodman. In this book he taught us how to hinge properly from the hips and regain out Primal J-Spine posture that people in India and Africa have used for centuries. In these countries they have little if any problems with chronic lower back pain. Contrast that with our country where 80% of American’s will experience some sort of back pain in their lives. Dr. Goodman suggested that a vast majority of the problems people have with their backs is a direct result from sitting all day at computers and watching TV. So this month I am going to discuss Ester Gokhales’ book 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back. In this book she describes how sitting doesn’t have to destroy our back and lead to chronic lower back pain, if done right it can actually relieve your current lower back pain and prevent future problems like spinal degeneration.

Below I will highlight some of Ester Gokhales’ book “8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back” major points and attach videos of her techniques.

•Gravity can assist your body in developing strength and proper posture as  you sit, stand, and bend

•Posture is the foundation upon which everything else related to your health  is built

•The Gokhale Method was designed to address the root cause of physical pain

•Poor posture is the root of most physical pains like lower back and neck  pain

•The method teaches you to reclaim your primal posture. (The way your body  was designed to stand, sit, and move)

•Most of us in the health care and fitness work have been teaching patients  to tuck in your pelvis to maintain an S-shaped spine instead of the far more natural J-spine. (J-Spine is a straight back, your lumbar relatively flat, and your buttocks protruding slightly)

•In the book she teaches you very easy techniques to elongate your spine while sitting, standing, bending and lying •If you want to age gracefully, be more flexible and live your life pain-free, I think this book and the exercises she teaches could be the solution you have been looking for. As Esther states:

“The point is, if you have healthy posture, everything you do becomes exercise in some measure. Every step you take, if you’re doing it in a healthy way, becomes a rep for your glute strengthening and becomes a stretch for your calf, your soleus, and so on.  Healthy posture makes everyday life into exercise—into therapy even.”

Here are the main exercises for you to try.

Roll Your Shoulders Back Exercise

Sitting Technique to Elongate Your Spine

Lying Technique to Elongate Your Spine

Strengthening Your Inner Corset

In Esther’s book she teaches a technique she calls “the inner corset,” this is where you engage the deep layer of abdominal muscles and your deep layer of lower back muscles. When applied correctly this technique can have a slenderizing effect, make you taller, and bring lifelong traction to your spine.   This exercise will take pressure off the nerves in the spine and allows for the discs to rehydrate and remain healthy and flexible.

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