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Dr. Reed and his staff are great!  I am on my way to recovery from my car accident.  ~Sherri G.

Going to Reed Chiropractic has helped my headaches tremendously! Thank You!!! Highly recommended!  ~Julie H.

I started seeing Dr. Reed 2 1/2 years ago for sever Sinus/Migraine headaches.  I had pinching in C1 and C2 and would lose 2 days at a time, one being sick and the next recovering.  Dr. Reed has helped me get my life back.  I have had 1 severe Migraine in the lat 1 1/2 yrs.  Though I still getheadaches and some pain.  I know that once I see Dr. Reed I am going to be ok.  Being a massage therapist myself, bodywork is so critical to our cognitive function.  All good things in time.  ~ Melissa C.

Dr. Reed has really helped me reduce my headaches and neck and backaches.  I highly recommend him.  His office staff is very professional and friendly too!  ~Rose C.

I’ve been going to Dr. Reed for years now and absolutely love the care I get.  Today I went in and was in severe pain.  I do Krav Maga and last week during headlocks on the ground something got jacked up.  I thought I pulled something, so I thought I better see what Dr. Reed says.  Of course he set me on the path to healing.  From infants to adults, he knows what he is doing.  I already feel so much better.   ~ Tina C.

Always feel energized after the massage table and adjustment.  Thank you for all the tips on staying healthy Dr. Reed.  ~Donna J.

I had seen Dr. Reed several years ago in the Tempe office.   Living in various parts of the valley, I  have seen other chiropractors before rediscovering him in the Mesa office. I am happy to have returned. Conditions that I have seen him for have ranged from whiplash, numbness in arms/fingers & to maintain good health. His knowledge and adjustments have helped me immensely.  A few things that set him apart from other chiropractors: Dr. Reed takes time to actually listen to concerns by asking fact-finding questions (he never rushes you, as mentioned in another testimonial), and he offers effective suggestions that one may practice between visits to maintain good health. His recommendation of how to use the Thera -Cane was spot on for me.  He makes chiropractic care very affordable and office hours are the best! I love that I can get in on a Friday afternoon or evening if needed.  (Tempe office) He adjusts feet too! AWESOME!!  As a massage therapist for over 12 years I am extremely pleased to have him as a part of my well-being program.  His treatments allow me to perform my job pain free and at my peak.  Dr. Reed’s knowledge and love of his craft will have you performing your daily activities, job, and living life at your best as well.   ~ Margherita L.

Before going to Reed Chiropractic, I suffered from insomnia to the point that I got very little sleep at night.  Now I sleep like a baby without any problems.  I also like to run for exercise but had to stop because I would get massive headaches afterwards.  Now since getting adjustments with Dr. Reed,  I no longer get headaches after my runs. In addition I used to get tired and had to stop after 1.5-2 miles, now after only 3 weeks of treatment I just ran 5 miles for the first time ever! Maria M.

I have been going to Dr. Reed for chiropractic adjustments for one year.  My chronic sore hip is now under control thanks to the adjustments and the stretches Dr. Reed prescribed.  Dr. Reed has helped me much more than any other chiropractor I have worked with! ~Margaret M.

I want to thank you for giving my wife Mary her life back.  She is an avid gardener and until she came to you was having grave difficulty walking, bending, and doing that she loves without pain.  Since coming to your office the change has been nothing but dramatic; Mary walks much better with better posture, and with a major reduction in the hip and back pain associated with her gardening and general movement.  Mary and I are pleased to recommend you and your practice to anyone who has ever had a fear of chiropractic services (as Mary did) we go out of our way to say go to Dr. Reed, You will wonder why you waited so long.  ~Warm Regards and Thanks, Bob and Mary B.

I went to Dr. Reed because I was having severe shoulder pain. I wasn’t able to drive or even move my head without pain. After several adjustments and some advice from Dr. Reed, I am pain free. I have also noticed a huge decrease in my daily stress level. Getting adjustments make a big difference overall. I will continue to see Dr. Reed weekly as I feel it is a great benefit to my overall health. Thank you Dr. Reed. ~Dan G.

Over the years, Reed Chiropractic’s friendly and effective adjustments have relieved the burning of: fibromyalgia, dizziness, headaches, and memory loss from an auto collision, numbness in my fingers and knees, as well as relief from symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); all without medicine or side effects. I feel blessed to have Dr. Reed and Megan in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also, it’s always a pleasure to refer friends to Reed Chiropractic because I know they will finally get the relief and care that they deserve. ~Debi D.

I first came to see Dr. Reed because I stand on my feet for up to 14 hour a day. I was experiencing pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back. After 5 months of care, I have more energy, sleep better and no longer have neck and back pain. Dr. Reed and his staff are professional and welcoming. I look forward to my visits at Reed Chiropractic. ~Morgan B.

I am a high school student and I play a lot of sports. I was having major back pain, but since I have been coming to Dr. Reed, my back pain has been a lot better. In fact, I have no pain anymore! The main sport I play is volleyball, so when I get adjusted, my back is in shape so I can go and play for 12 hours straight. I am glad that I have chosen him as my chiropractor. He is great! ~Maegan F.

Dr. Reed is dedicated to his patients’ health and well-being. He is also very friendly and professional. My back is so much better since seeing him; I can actually move around without pain. I can’t say enough words of appreciation for Dr. Reed-He is awesome! ~Kim L.

I just moved to the area and really was not looking forward to finding a new chiropractor. I stopped at the AZ Women’s Expo booth and took advantage of a new patient discount package. I was surprised at how thorough Dr. Reed was and continue to be impressed with how he models the adjustments to fit my needs – not just a one size fits all adjustment. Thanks Dr. reed! ~Teri W.

I see Dr. Reed once a week, not only to help my hip pain, but also to maintain wellness in general. I have seen improvement in my allergies, asthma and an extreme reduction in the illnesses I have each year. I would highly recommend Reed Chiropractic to anyone looking for a chiropractor in Arizona and I have referred many friends and family here! ~Amber A.

I first met Dr. Reed at the Women’s Expo in Phoenix and enjoyed his one on one communications. I signed up on the spot and have been seeing him ever since. I have felt much better under his care and you will too! ~Lisa W.

My headaches are so much better and I can focus well enough to make it through my multi-day computer seminars. I also get my hand and fingers adjusted, and they feel so much better too. I love the office and Megan will greet by your name with a big smile. Dr. Reed is gentle, personable and really knowledgeable. I recommend the office and Dr. Reed to my closest friends and family! ~Tina B.

I love the friendly service I get from Reed Chiropractic. I had very bad neck pain, and after coming here for treatment, I feel more energetic and less pain. ~Jenn M.

Dr. Reed and his chiropractic assistant are always energizing and positive in their interactions with their patients. His approach to treatment is realistic and solution-focused. Chiropractic adjustments work well for myself and for the friends I have referred. ~Matt T.

I’ve struggled with back problems for years and believed that I would never be able to be pain free. After moving to Tempe, I switched chiropractors to Reed Chiropractic and after a few months of regular adjustments, I feel great! It is easy to get out of bed and start my day now. Dr. Reed’s unique approach to chiropractic really works!. ~Jennifer W.

I have seen Dr. Reed in his Tempe office for over six years and now I am seeing him at his East Mesa office. Obviously he has helped me since I keep coming back! ~Charyl H.

A big thanks to Dr. Reed who performed the Webster Technique successfully and helped my baby to turn. I avoided a painful outpatient procedure thanks to him…I’m so grateful. We have been seeing Dr. Reed now for 10 years and highly recommend him to all our friends. ~Stephanie C.

I have been a patient of Reed Chiropractic for three and a half years now. I am a very active personal trainer that enjoys activities that inflict many stresses on my body. Dr. Reed keeps me healthy and at my best, so that I can enjoy my healthy lifestyle, pain-free! I have referred Dr. Reed to many of people. ~Scott A.

I have seen many chiropractors over the years, but it wasn’t until I began care with Dr. Reed four years ago that I noticed a huge improvement in my headaches and neck pain. For four years, I’m finally relieved of scheduling frequent appointments for adjustments and taking medication for headaches. I’ve found his solutions to be very effective and practical. Also, the integrity and friendliness of the entire office is unsurpassed. Many thanks! ~Hollee E.