We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Spectrum Thermography! As a leader in the wellness community, Reed Chiropractic is always looking for cutting edge non-invasive procedures to assist our patients in prevention, detection, and treatment of future health problems and Spectrum Thermography does just that,  they provide an alternative screening tool for early breast cancer detection and chronic inflammation.

Here Are The Facts…


• 80% incorrect (providing false (-) or False (+)

• Use compression, which can lead to breast damage and even worse spreading of the cancer

• Not effective for up to 50% of women sue to dense breasts or implants

• Can lead to over-diagnosis and over treatment of non-invasive cancers


• Can detect irregular patterns in the breast, conditions that often occur before a noticeable lump is formed

• Painless

• No Compression

• Non-invasive

• Emits absolutely no radiation


Thermography Also Detects :

• Arthritis Back and Neck Pain

• Dental Issues

• Sinus Issues

• Headaches

• Immune dysfunctions, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

• Digestive Disorders

To schedule an appointment please contact Reed Chiropractic at one of our convenient locations

Upcoming Screening Dates:

Tempe Office

250 W. Baseline Rd. #107
Tempe AZ 85283
P: 480.785.1355

9:00am 12:00pm


For more information please call:

Pamala C. Matthews, CCT Phone: 480.226.8289


Web: Spectrum Thermography