Thoughts of a Chiropractor

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Returning from a chiropractic conference in California. Spent 2 days with other chiropractors and virtually never saw anyone drinking soda. I saw healthy peeps within normal weight range and lots of energy. Sitting on the plane home to Arizona now, and I see a very different picture.

I am watching 2/3 of the airplane passengers drink soda, and it is 9pm at night. Now they will go home and wonder why they can’t sleep. Some will take medicine to make them sleepy, others will watch TV and toss and turn all night, and others will wake up with headaches. But most will blame something else other than their health choice for the negative results.

What we put in our bodies either has a positive or negative action on health. I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow and continue to educate people about health. The soda thing just gets me so fired up! HEALTH IS NOT AN ACCIDENT, IT IS A CHOICE! ~Dr. David Reed

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