Why Do I Have Pain?

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Pain can be pointed to, described or shared through a long list of words, expressions and body language, but what is pain? The physical feeling of pain and the subjective acknowledgement of pain are not always easy to explain or understand.

The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associate with actual or potential tissue damage.”  Pain is generally brought on by an unpleasant stimuli to the body.  Determining and addressing the cause of pain can eliminate long term effects of the cause.  Covering up or masking pain is shutting down a key mechanism your body has to say “pay attention to me.”

If pain is not motivating enough, it can be easily ignored. Chiropractors in Tempe, like Dr. Hood and Dr. Reed, can help alleviate some of the chronic pain you may be experiencing. Think of this…If you are asleep in bed and your smoke alarm goes off.  It may be alarming or even annoying.  You could choose to put some pillows over your ears and deal with the noise, or maybe you could choose to take the batteries out and cut off that awful noise.  The end result of these choices would be even more unpleasant that the original noise, it may even be ‘life-threatening.’ Chiropractors determine the cause so that your health can be addressed appropriately.

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